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Storage, Packaging & Dimensions

Firewood can be sold in a number of different ways but it should always be sold as a volume not a weight. A common forestry volume is a chord of wood, which is 4’ x 4’ x 8’ of stacked timber and can be brokend down into ½ cord or ¼ cord etc. This is a common way of buying wood ‘at roadside’. It would then be for you to cut the timber to your desired length & split it.

Logs are now commonly sold either in net bags, as you see in garage forecourts, or as ‘bulk’ loads, which may be delivered in woven nylon bulk bags. Please note the dimensions of these bags can very from supplier to supplier.

Logs described as bulk are not stacked into the bags and therefore 1 m^³ of bulk loose logs will be less then 1 m^³ of neatly stacked logs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the wood for sale hardwood or softwood? Do you know the species being sold?

  • Well seasoned Oak, Hazel, Sycamore, Hornbeam, Hawthorn, Beech, Birch, Crab Apple & Cherry are all good woods to burn.
  • Our logs are a mixture of Ash, Oak, Hazel, Hornbeam & Sycamore.

Q. How long has it been seasoned for? Are the logs seasoned or kiln dried?

  • 1 year seasoned logs typically have a moisture content of 25-30%, kiln dried logs should have a moisture content of below 20%.
  • Our logs are seasoned for a minimum of 12 months.

Q. Has it been kept under cover and is it dry?

  • The cordwood is seasoned on the woodland rides where it gets air dried by nature. At the end of each summer the logs are brought inside to ensure they stay dry.

Q. How is the price quoted, per load, per m³ (solid, stacked or loose)

  • We sell net bags as seen and loads of logs priced as loose logs in 1m³ bulk bags.

Q. What is the diameter of the logs?

  • We sell logs between 10 & 15cm diameter.

Q. What is the length of the logs? Will they fit into my fireplace, stove etc?

  • Our standard log length is 10” but we can cut from 8” up to 48”.

Q. Is the wood from a sustainable source?

  • Our firewood is sourced from our woodlands, which we manage on a sustainable basis.

Q. Does the price include delivery?

  • Delivery is included within 4 miles of Appleton. Delivery charges apply outside 4 miles of Appleton depending on how far away you are. You can get a quote and buy online.

How to Burn Wood

Wood needs plenty of air to burn well.

To ensure you get the best, efficient burn from your wood and to ensure that the volatiles are burned you should ensure that new wood added to a fire or stove is burning well before reducing the air supply. A ‘clean burn’ produces very little smoke and tar, which are bad for health and the environment.

By following the below points will help to ensure clean burns:

  • Burn small hot fires, which produce minimal smoke & tar.
  • Burn only well seasoned untreated wood. Burning green wood produces less heat into the room as heat is use to ‘drive off’ the water in the form of steam.
  • Burn logs that are 4-6” in diameter. Fires burn better with more surface area exposed to the flame.

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