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Welcome to Woodland Logs

Home of seasoned logs & firewood in Appleton

What do we do?

Here at Woodland logs we are not just interested in providing firewood in a range of sizes from 10” up to 48”; we are passionate about the cycle of sustainable woodland management.

All our firewood comes from our own sustainably managed woodlands as part of West Farm Appleton, home of Appleton Christmas Barn. West Farm has over 270 acres of “ancient woodland” (which is defined as a woodland more than 400 years old). 114 acres is registered as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

New for 2012


We are planning to start producing are own charcoal in 2012. Please watch this space or further details.

Hazel Stakes and Rods

In 2012 we are planning to start harvesting hazel coppice to supply a variety of products suitable for Hedge Laying, Garden panels, pea & bean sticks.

Check out the website next year for further information.

How do we do it?

Between April 2009 and August 2010, the woodland has produced 200 m^3 of timber for processing into firewood. With careful seasoning on the woodland floor, our logs are not moved, often for 18 months before they are passed on to our customers.

Each tree is strategically felled to leave the highest quality trees behind and encourage tall and straight growth, leaving an important legacy of timber for the next generation some 50 to 74 years in the future. This improved quality timber can then be used for high specification furniture making or timber frame construction.

Can I see it being done?

Throughout our website you can see this important piece of ecology in practice. Our images show wood taken in recent years, which shows the woodlands before and after this thinning operation.

The thinning operation creates spaces in the tree canopy, enabling the sunlight to reach the woodland floor. The sun warms soil & encourages the ground flora and fauna to flourish. This creates a rich and biodiverse habitat throughout the woodland.

Can I visit the site?

In June 2009 we were proud to open the woodlands to the public so that everyone can enjoy the wonder that is Appleton Upper and Lower Common. Also people were able to see the harvesting work in progress.

In May/early June 2011 we will be opening the woods again so that everyone can see how the woodland is changing. At this time of year much of the woodland flora is out in flower, before the tree canopy blocks out the sunshine from reaching the woodland floor. Why not come and enjoy a morning or afternoon walking round the woods.

All customers purchasing firewood will receive a personal invitation to the open days. Watch this site for the specific dates.

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Woodland Logs & Firewood
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Firewood Sizes & Prices

Our standard length of firewood log is 10”. We can supply longer (up to 48”) or shorter, depending on your requirements. Our logs are a mixture of hardwood tree species such as Ash, Oak, Hazel, Sycamore, Hawthorn & Dogwood.

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